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Master Paste Original-Cold Wax Paste

And now MPO ColorLine & MPO Goldline 

Find our more about the product, and Antonin the creator of MPO by clicking the link above.

As with most Encaustic Medium Ventilation is Recommended! MPO-   Never overheat by insuring that the temperature remains below 65°C (149°F). 

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Congrats to Shannon Massey winner of the MPO for  Sunday's Drawing.

MPO Product Saftey Information - Download PDF here

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We fell in love with painting with wax, and wanted to reveal this wonderful technique and get encaustic art supplies to anyone who is interested in learning about Encaustic Painting, which is also known as Hot Wax Painting. Ischererwaxart at has been open for business for over 10 years now, but I have been painting with this Molten Wax Medium since the early 90’s. We found Michael Bossom, a renowned artist known for his encaustic work, located in the UK and inquired about selling encaustic supplies.  Michael was instrumental in the start of our business; he has also become my mentor, and friend. Today we ship mostly to the USA and Canada. Tom and I welcome you to shop with us.